PACIFICA Halibut Center Cut Fletch Alaskan - Boneless, Skinless - Packed 1/20# Rdm weight
Halibut is considered the world's premium whitefish, Center Cut Fletch is "end to end" perfection. Nape and tail removed and taper is minimized, perfect for the discriminating chef who looks to "cut his own" All PACIFICA Halibut is Hook & Line caught yielding the finest quality fish. An IPS exclusive, there is not another fish cut like this.
PACIFICA Halibut Fillet Portions Alaskan - Boneless and Skinless - Packed 1/10# 8oz
PACIFICA Alaskan Halibut Fillet Portions are boneless and skinless. This product is trimmed to minimize end cuts and provide consistent shape and size. This is a high-end cut for very discriminating chefs without the price fluctuations of the fresh market. Sizing and shape with it perfect for large catering or hotel dining. Hook & Line Caught. This product is totally Chef Ready and does not require trimming.
Cooking Suggestions: Bake, Poach, Saute, Steam
PACIFICA Halibut Loin Cuts Steaks Alaskan - Skin on, Center Bone notched, Feather Bone Trimmed - Packed 1/10# 8oz, 9/10oz
Also known as "Sail Cuts." PACIFICA Alaskan Halibut Loin Cut Steaks are trimmed to Remove cooking, PACIFICA trim specifications are the tightest in the industry. Hook & Line Caught. Perfect for the Steakhouse account that uses only a grill to cook.
Cooking Suggestions: Bake,Broil, Grill


PACIFICA Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon Portions - Boneless - Packed 1/10# Skin-on Skinless- 5oz Bias Cut
Coho, also known as Silver Salmon, has a more robust flavor than Atlantic and is considered high quality, wild caught, PACIFICA Coho are Hook & Line caught to provide firmer flesh and better color with minimal to no bruise marks. Flesh remains reddish orange in color after cooking. Great for discriminating chefs looking for a high quality salmon without having to bare the price of King Salmon.
Cooking Suggestions: Grill, Broil
PACIFICA Wild Keta Salmon Portions - Boneless - Packed 1/10# Skin-on Skinless - 5oz Bias Cut
Keta Salmon, also referred to as Chum Salmon, is the most widely distributed of all Wild Pacific salmon species and is one of the most abundant. Keta has the lowest oil content of the species and therefore the mildest flavor profile. Keta cooks slightly pale and is best used as an ingredient or served with a signature sauce. It is also the second lowest cost alternative of the wild Pacific salmon behind Pinks, which are commonly used for canning.
Cooking Suggestions: Grill, Bake, Broil
Atlantic Salmon Portions Farm Raised from Norway - Boneless - Packed 1/10# - 4oz
Norway Atlantic Salmon is farm raised and considered the highest quality version of the species and therefore a bit higher priced. Color is a deep orange and pinkish red and is more firm than farmed salmon species from Chile and Canada. Farmed Atlantics has a delicate flavor and is the most consumed salmon in the world thanks to overall availability. Portions are ready to cook and require no trimming.
Cooking Suggestions: Grill, Broil, Bake, Saute
Atlantic Salmon Farm Raised Portions - Boneless, Skinless - Packed 1/10# Fillet Pacifica - 8/9oz
Commonly farmed in Canada or Chile. Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon provides year round availability and consistent quality and performance. Color is a pinkish orange and flavor is delicate but distinguished. Canada & Chile Atlantic's are a more value priced than the higher end Norwegian species. Portions are ready to cook and require no trimming.


Mahi Portions - Boneless/Skinless Bloodline Removed - Packed 1/10# 6oz
Mahi-mahi, also known as Dorado, is referred to as a tropical fish and is caught in warmer waters around the world. Mahi has a firm lean pinkish flesh when fresh and pales to a tan to tan-pink color when frozen. Mahi has a sweet, mild to moderate flavor and is lean with fairly frim large flakes, and all skin, bones and primary bloodline are removed to provide this "Chef Ready" portion with no additional trimming needed. Applications include tacos, stir fry, sandwiches and main entree. Good lower cost fish relative to other seafood main entrees, but still maintains a high value perception. Higher oil content makes this fish more durable and can be cooked more to the medium to medium well side without drying out.
Cooking Suggestions: Grill, Broil, Blacken
Mahi - Skin on Fillet - Packed
Mahi fillets are skin on and some bones can be found within the intact primary bloodline. Bones are usually completely removed when primary bloodline is removed. Processing should always start by removing the skin and removing the primary bloodline. Mahi fillets from Asia are commonly sold as 95% net weight. USF LA Mahi Fillets are 10% net weight.


PACIFICA Yellowfin "Ahi" Tuna -
PACIFICA Ahi Tuna products are all hand line caught: Dolphin, sea turtle and sea mammal safe. Color is a uniform bright red with a firm texture. PACIFICA Ahi tuna is treated with CO to retain color and flavor. PACIFICA Ahi Tuna is processed from fresh (never frozen) sashimi grade (USA #1) raw material for quality. PACIFICA Ahi Tuna products got through strict quality control measures to assure customer satisfaction with every case. PACIFICA Ahi Tuna exceeds all USFDA government standards. Cheaper Ahi Tuna will not produce the same quality texture of flavor as PACIFICA Ahi Tuna. Lower grade raw material will produce softer flesh and commonly fall apart or tear when slicing for sushi or sashimi applications.
Ahi Saku - Block CO Treated - Packed 2/11#
Also known as "Prime Cuts." Saku comes from the center of the largest 2 sections of the Ahi Loin. It is cut into a flat brick shape and has minimal taper from end to end. Product contains little to no sinew and is recognized as the finest cut from the Tuna. Saku is designed for sushi and/or sashimi applications. Product is cut from fresh loins, treated and frozen in individual vacuum packages. Product is available in PACIFICA or 7 Shores Brans.
PACIFICA Ahi Tuna Steaks - Steak CO Treated - Packed 1/10# 8ox
Commonly used for seard Ahi Steak or a lower cost version of seard sashimi slices. Steaks are cut from fresh loins, treated and frozen in individual vacuum packages.
PACIFICA Ahi Poke - Cubes - Packed 2/11#
Cube like portions cut from Saku trim. Used for sushi rolls and salads.
PACIFICA Yellowfin Steak Grill Grade Sandwich Cut - Boneless, Skinless, Bloodline Removed - Packed 1/10# 4oz
Yellowfin is also known as Ahi Tuna. In its fresh form it offers a deep red color, but turns to a reddish brown when frozen and untreated. Yellowfin is mild but flavorful with a firm texture. Product is perfect for a grilled tuna sandwich or sliced up for grilled tuna salad.
Cooking Suggestions: Grill, Broil, Pan-Fry, Griddle


PACIFICA Albacore Steak Sandwich Cut - Boneless, Skinless, Bloodline Removed Currently not stocked in Corona
Albacore, also referred to as "Chicken of the Sea", for its mild flavor and non-fish taste. Albacore has a pale, pinkish-white flesh. Product is cut perfectly for a frilled Albacore sandwich or salad.
Cooking Suggestions: Grill, Broil, Pan-Fry. Poach


PACIFICA Calamari Steaks - Packed 6/5# 4/5oz. 5/6oz.
PACIFICA Calamari Steaks are produced from the sweet North Pacific Flying Squid. Product is processed in Taiwan by cleaning and tenderized using a small knifelike jacquard process without the use of chemicals. Consistent in sizing and flavor. Known as "poor man's abalone," Calamari Steaks are perfect for a main entree using garlic and capers or with butter and blackened spice. Product is excellent when stripped and breaded and served as a fried calamari appetizer. PACIFICA has been the "gold standard" for quality in Calamari Steaks for over 25 years.
Cooking Suggestions: Pan-Fry, Deep Fry (Prep suggestion - when stripping for breading, soak in milk or buttermilk overnight to enhance the sweet mild flavor.)
PACIFICA Squid Tubes & Tentacles - Packed 20/2.5#
The finest Loligo Formosana Squid from Thailand. Packed in boxes to maintain product integrity. Tubes & Tentacles are packed side by side in pack for easy portioning, and a blend of tubes to tentacles (65%/35%). PACIFICA squid is recognized for its consistency of quality and sizing. This product is perfect for Calamari Fitti, Salads and Pasta Applications.
Cooking Suggestions: Fry, Saute
Octopus - Packed 1/30# 4-6lbs
Octopus is also known as Pulpo. Flesh is very firm and somewhat chewy, though tender and possesses a mild, almost sweet flavor. All parts of the Octopus can be consumed.
Cooking Suggestions: Raw, Boil, Fry, Grill, Stew


PACIFICA Shrimp - Tail-On - Packed
PACIFICA Shrimp is peeled and deveined Black Tiger (16/20ct and larger) or Vannamei White Shrimp (21/25ct and smaller) and common origins are Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Final counts are accurate and guaranteed 100% net weight after deglazing and are packed locally to ensure the freshest product available. PACIFICA specifications are set for consistent quality and performance. Great for main entrees, pasta dishes, cocktails, tacos, breaded and as an accompaniment to add value to other protein offerings.
Cooking Suggestions: Saute, Grill, Broil


Black Mussels - Packed 10/13 23-29ct
Black Mussels from Southeast Asia are vacuum packed in 1# bags. Great for "Fruits de Mer", pastas or any specialty seafood dish and can microwave in the bag
Whole Clams - Packed 10/1# 17-22ct
Whole, light-colored clams from Southeast Asia are vacuum packed in 1# bags. Great for soups, pastas and steamed clam dishes they can be prepared by steaming or boiling in the bag.


Rock Crab Salad Meat - Packed 6/5#
Canadian Rock Crab body meat is cooked in the shell, removed, packed and frozen. Used for Crab Tacos, Enchilada stuffing and salads. Lower cost and flavorful.
Dungeness Crab Meat - Packed 6/5#
Dungeness Crab from the Oregon and Washington coast is cooked in the shell, removed and packed in 5# cans (#10 can) with 65% body meat and 35% leg meat. Sweet tasting crab with a regional following, this product is great for crab cakes, salads, topping over other proteins, cocktails and stuffing.
Canadian Snow Crab Meat - Packed 6/5#
Snow Crab from Canada is a blend of 60% body meat and 40% leg meat. Meat is cooked in the shell, removed and packed into 5# blocks. Ideal for salads, topping over other proteins, cocktails and stuffing.
Korean Snow Crab Meat - Packed 6/5#
Snow Crab caught in the North Pacific is processed in Korea and packed 70% body meat and 30% leg meat. Product is cooked in the shell, removed and packed in 5# blocks. Good flavor, though not as sweet as Canadian Snow Crab Meat is a lower cost alternative to Canadian. Excellent for salads, toppings, stuffing and salads and is commonly mixed with more expensive crab to lower overall cost.
Slipper Lobster Meat - Packed 6/5# U/1oz.
Slipper Lobster, a sub-species of the Rock Lobster, is used as a low cost option for recipes and menu items that call for lobster meat. Though not as sweet as Rock Lobster, meat has similar texture characteristics and is mildly sweet. Applications include sauces and fillings as well as tacos, enchiladas and pasta dishes where more seasonings enhance the flavor. Net weights range from 80% to 100%. USF LA product is 100% net weight. Origin is China or Taiwan.

Value Added Fin Fish

Tilapia - Tilapia Whole G & S 1/40#, Tilapia Fillet Bnls 3/5oz 1/10#
Often referred to as "St. Peter's fish", it is widely believed to be the fish Jesus fed a congregation of more than 5,000 people. Tilapia is farm raised but good Tilapia is "pen raised" in deepwater pens versus "pond raised" that can have a mustier or muddy flavor. USF Tilapia is "pen raised" and at the high end of the quality spectrum. Tilapia easily acquires the flavors of sauces or spices quite easily and when cooked, tilapia meat is white, slightly firm and flakey, mild and sweet and can be considered bland. Tilapia is served as an entree or in ceviche, tacos or fried. Tilapia is a relatively low cost white fish and is heavily used in the Hispanic and Asian markets due to the lower cost and mild flavor.
Sea Bass Portion - Boneless & Skinless - Packed /10# 6oz
From the Sea Bass/Grouper family, there are over 400 different species. Product is a sweet mild whit fish with a firm and flakey flesh and best used in dishes that requires higher oil content than cod or flounder. Sea Bass is commonly referred to as a higher grade fish that has a more distinctive flavor than other white fish therefore more preferred by chef's looking for a white fish that holds up well to different cooking and serving methods.
Cooking Suggestions: Pan sear, Broil, Bake
Herring in Wine Sauce - Packed 2/10#
Referred to as "Pickled Herring", Herring in Wine Sauce is boneless and skinless, packed in a wine sauce. A popular ethnic dish, it is served on salads and in traditional breakfast dishes. Product is refrigerated and ready to eat.